Path of Exile Version 3.24
Planner Version: 2.8

Act 1

Starting Gems: FireballArcane Surge Support

Enemy At the Gate Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Killing Hillock):

Mercy Mission Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Mercy Mission):

Breaking Some Eggs Reward:
Breaking Some Eggs Reward 2:
Vendor Gems (After Breaking Some Eggs):

The Caged Brute Reward:
The Caged Brute Reward 2:
Vendor Gems (After The Caged Brute):

The Siren’s Cadence Reward:
Vendor Gems (After The Siren’s Cadence)


Act 2


Intruders In Black Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Intruders in Black):

Sharp and Cruel Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Sharp and Cruel):


Act 3

Lost in Love Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Lost in Love):

Sever the Right Hand Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Sever the Right Hand):

Fixture of Fate Reward (Optional):
Vendor Gems (After Fixture of Fate):


Act 4

Breaking the Seal Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Breaking the Seal):

The Eternal Nightmare Reward:
Vendor Gems (After The Eternal Nightmare):


Trials of Ascendancy

Node NameDescription

Bastion of Elements
Triggers Level 20 Primal Aegis when Allocated
Primal Aegis can take 75 Elemental Damage per Allocated Notable Passive Skill
Other Aegis Skills are Disabled
Cannot take Reflected Elemental Damage

Liege of the Primordial
100% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems
Summoned Golems are Resummoned 4 seconds after being Killed
+1 to maximum number of Summoned Golems

Summoned Golems are Immune to Elemental Damage
25% increased Effect of Buffs granted by your Golems per Summoned Golem
+1 to maximum number of Summoned Golems

Shaper of Storms
Your Hits always Shock
Shocks from your Hits always increase Damage taken by at least 15%
All Damage can Shock
25% more Effect of Lightning Ailments you inflict with Hits if the highest Damage Type is Lightning

Shaper of Winter
All Damage with Hits can Chill
Chills from your Hits always reduce Action Speed by at least 15%
50% more Effect of Cold Ailments you inflict with Hits for which the highest Damage Type is Cold
Your Chills can reduce Action Speed by up to a maximum of 40%

Shaper of Flames
Your Hits always Ignite
All Damage can Ignite
25% more Damage with Ignites you inflict with Hits for which the highest Damage Type is Fire

Mastermind of Discord
Exposure you inflict applies an extra -25% to the affected Resistance
Regenerate 1% of Mana per second if youve inflicted Exposure Recently

Heart of Destruction
Gain Convergence when you Hit a Unique Enemy, no more than once every 8 seconds
60% increased Area of Effect while you dont have Convergence

Normal Labyrinth

Cruel Labyrinth

Merciless Labyrinth

Eternal Labyrinth