Path of Exile Version 3.24
Planner Version: 2.8

Act 1

Starting Gems: Burning ArrowMomentum Support

Enemy At the Gate Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Killing Hillock):

Mercy Mission Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Mercy Mission):

Breaking Some Eggs Reward:
Breaking Some Eggs Reward 2:
Vendor Gems (After Breaking Some Eggs):

The Caged Brute Reward:
The Caged Brute Reward 2:
Vendor Gems (After The Caged Brute):

The Siren’s Cadence Reward:
Vendor Gems (After The Siren’s Cadence)


Act 2


Intruders In Black Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Intruders in Black):

Sharp and Cruel Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Sharp and Cruel):


Act 3

Lost in Love Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Lost in Love):

Sever the Right Hand Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Sever the Right Hand):

Fixture of Fate Reward (Optional):
Vendor Gems (After Fixture of Fate):


Act 4

Breaking the Seal Reward:
Vendor Gems (After Breaking the Seal):

The Eternal Nightmare Reward:
Vendor Gems (After The Eternal Nightmare):


Trials of Ascendancy

Node NameDescription

Natures Boon
Magic Utility Flasks applied to you to have 30% increased Effect

Master Alchemist
Removes Elemental Ailments when you use a Flask
50% chance for Flasks you use to not consume Charges

Natures Adrenaline
Flasks to gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds

Master Surgeon
Life Flasks are not removed when Unreserved Life is Filled
Life Flasks do not Queue
50% less Life Recovery from Flasks

Natures Reprisal
25% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit
50% increased Effect of Withered

Master Toxicist
When you kill a Poisoned Enemy during any Flask Effect, nearby Enemies are Poisoned
Poisons you inflict during any Flask Effect have 20% chance to deal 100% more Damage

Master Distiller
Grant bonuses to Non-Channelling Skills you use by consuming 3 Charges from a flask of each of the following types, if possible:
If Diamond Flask Charges are consumed, 150% increased Critical Strike Chance
If Bismuth Flask Charges are consumed, Penetrate 20% Elemental Resistance
If Amethyst Flask Charges are consumed, 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage

Normal Labyrinth

Cruel Labyrinth

Merciless Labyrinth

Eternal Labyrinth